EXCEL FLIGHT TRAINING INCORPORATED is celebrating its commitment to high quality flight training by providing a full time program of education and flight training at our Lethbridge Campus. Our staff is dedicated to providing the knowledge, flight skills and attitudes necessary in ensuring your success in training for one of the most exciting, but demanding career choices in the world.

Flight Training Education has changed dramatically in the last few years. Gone are the days that a few hours of instruction at the local flying club and hundreds of hours flying the bush up north was the path to a successful Commercial Pilot’s career. Today, the aviation community recognizes that a commitment to quality training in the beginning is important, as it creates the framework for the skills and attitudes that are so important to the success of a Commercial Pilot. Therefore, people interested in training for this career are taking their flight training education more seriously and are committing to full time studies.

We welcome the new generation of Commercial Pilot Students to our PROFESSIONAL PILOT PROGRAM. Their flight training success is important to us as is developing the skills and attitudes to excel in their first job . This is an integral part of our continued success within the aviation community.

On behalf of EXCEL FLIGHT TRAINING INCORPORATED, I welcome you to our flight school.

Roland Morton
President & Founder