A minimum registration deposit of $35.00 may be required in some cases to secure your classes.  International students and students in some quota programs will require a $200.00 non-refundable deposit.  All deposits will be applied to tuition costs on acceptance in the program.  All deposits are due payable one month prior to course start dates.  Deposits may be waived in some circumstances – consult with the Chief Flight Instructor.

Students are responsible for making their own financial arrangements.

The total cost of the programs are inclusive of all books and materials, ground school instruction, pre-flight briefings and flight training.


Students are responsible for their own finances, and are expected to make their own financial arrangements to meet the following deadlines:

  1. Students are expected to have paid 10% of the program tuition and fees by the first day of class.
  2. Students who have not paid the 10% of the program tuition by the end of working hours on the first day of classes will be charged a $50.00 late fee.
  3. Students who have a history of paying their fees late may lose their registration deposit privileges.
  4. Students will be required to pay for each flight and ground lesson as they take them. At the completion of each flight, an invoice will be generated, which is due immediately.  The previously collected 10% of the program tuition will be used to pay for any books and materials needed for the course, and any balance remaining will be applied towards the daily invoices before additional payment will be collected.
  5. Students with an outstanding balance will be placed on probation and may be dismissed from the program at the discretion of the Chief Flight Instructor, or assessed financing charges.


If a student terminates a student contract before the training commences, EXCEL FLIGHT TRAINING INC is entitled to any registration fee collected.  All other tuition paid will be returned to the student within 30 working days.


  1. If either party terminates a student contract for a program after the program of instruction has commenced, EXCEL FLIGHT TRAINING INC is entitled to the following amount of tuition paid:
    1. When 10% or less of the program has been completed, 25% of the tuition paid or payable.
    2. When more than 10% but 50% or less of the program has been completed, 60% of the tuition paid or payable.
    3. When more than 50% of the program has been completed, 100% of the tuition paid or payable.
  2. If EXCEL FLIGHT TRAINING INC has received tuition in excess of the amount that EXCEL FLIGHT TRAINING INC is entitled, the student will receive a refund of the excess within 30 working days.


If EXCEL FLIGHT TRAINING INC receives payment of a student’s tuition from a government agency or person other than the student, any refund of the student’s tuition must be paid to the government, agency or other person.

Otherwise, the refund payment will be made, by cheque, to the student within a period of 30 working days via mail.  No refunds will be made via Debit Card, Credit Card Refunds or otherwise.


Some specific programs may have additional costs to their studies.  This amount may vary depending on individual needs.  As flight training is personal, personal progress differences may require the student to have additional costs associated with their training.


Students will be assessed for damage to furniture, apparatus, books etc.  Such charges must be paid before the student may proceed with their program.


Lockers are made available on a first come, first served basis.  As locker numbers are limited, a price of $ 10.00 per month is levied for the use of one of EXCEL FLIGHT TRAINING INC’s lockers.  Consult the Chief Flight Instructor for availability and additional information.