Professional Pilot Program

The Professional Pilot Program is Excel Flight Training Incorporated’s premier course of study. This allows students to train on a full time basis and to attend regularly scheduled ground schools and daily flight lessons.

Students enrolled in this program can expect to be a Commercial Multi-Engine Instrument rated pilot within eight to ten months and ready to begin their career in aviation.

Primary Objective:

To provide the highest quality of flight training within an expeditious time frame, by creating a collegiate type environment. This enables the students to excel by maintaining a focus on their career ambitions.

Secondary Objective:

To reduce tuition cost necessary to achieve student’s goals within the required time frame.


High School Diploma or Equivalent

Category 1 Aviation Medical

Minimum Age of 18 Years


Classes and flight lessons run Monday to Friday for approximately six hours daily.

Private Pilot ground school and Commercial ground school runs for four weeks each.

Instrument ground school runs for two weeks.

Written exams are completed at the Transport Canada office in Calgary as scheduled by Excel Flight Training Incorporated.

Flight exams are scheduled and completed at Excel Flight Training Incorporated.

Course completion:

Students receive a Commercial, Multi-engine Instrument rating after completing a minimum of 200 hours total flight time and passing the required exams.

The 200 hours flight time must also include the following:

– 55 hours Dual instruction

– 100 hours pilot in command (including 50 hours solo cross country)

– 40 hours instrument time

– 10 hours night (5 dual, 5 solo)

* Note: These times are based on Transport Canada minimum requirements. Students typically average 215 hours before course completion.


Course cost as based on a student average is approximately $50,570.00. Students are required to deposit $2500.00 prior to the course start date. All tuition is subject to 5% Goods and Services Tax (GST).

International Students:

This program is a Designated Learning Program and eligible to receive foreign nationals on a study permit.