Instructors may assign quizzes or examinations any time during a program.

Normally, examinations are held within regularly scheduled class times.  Some programs may require more time for examination purposes than is available during the regular class schedule.  Therefore, examinations may be scheduled in the late afternoon or during the evenings.  When this occurs, the instructors will make every effort to ensure that the examination does not conflict with other programs the student may be taking.

Mid-program exams are mandatory to attend, although the final result should only be an indication of student progress.  This will not have any effect on the final mark awarded.


All final examinations are scheduled at the end of the program, or program section.  Students may be expected to travel to Transport Canada offices to complete the examination in the presence of a Transport Canada invigilator.  Final examination fees range in price from $35 to $150 per exam.  With some programs, final examinations may be conducted at EXCEL FLIGHT TRAINING INC.  All students are required to have a valid medical certificate for the program examination being conducted, as well as a written letter of recommendation from an instructor.  The letters of recommendation will be given to students only after completing an EXCEL FLIGHT TRAINING INC sample exam with a minimum mark of 80%.

Students must obtain a minimum pass mark for each examination as outlined by Transport Canada.  Should the student not obtain the minimum pass mark, a second attempt at the exam will be offered after additional training has been provided.  Students unable to obtain the minimum pass mark after a second attempt will be placed on academic probation, and a supplementary training program will be assigned on a case-by-case basis.  In summary, the following pass marks apply:

  • Private Pilot License Written Exam: 60%
  • Private Pilot License  Flight Test:  50%
  • Commercial Pilot License Written Exam: 60%
  • Commercial Pilot License Flight Test: 70%
  • Multi-Engine Rating Flight Test: 70%
  • Instrument Rating Written Exam: 70%
  • Instrument Rating Flight Test: 60%
  • The Professional Pilot program will follow the above minimum marks for the individual licenses completed.


Deferred examinations are allowed in the following circumstances ONLY:

If a student becomes ill or receives word of domestic affliction during the course of an examination, the student should report at once to the invigilator, hand in the unfinished paper and request that it be cancelled.  If illness is the cause, the student must report as soon as possible to the Chief Flight Instructor (CFI) with a medical certificate.

A student may be denied permission to write or continue an examination if there are extenuating circumstances.  eg.  cheating, lying, or use of unauthorized material.


  1. Unless approved prior to an examination, students may not take any notes, books, calculators, or related material into an examination.  Jackets and purses should be placed at the back or side of an examination room.
  2. Lap top computers may not be used to write examinations unless approved by the instructor.
  3. Students may not enter an exam room after half an hour has elapsed from the start of the exam and may not leave until a half an hour has elapsed from the start of an examination.
  4. Once a student leaves an examination, they may not return to the examination room.  Cigarette breaks or coffee breaks are not permitted unless approved in advance by the instructor.
  5. Students are expected to respect the quiet atmosphere of an exam room, particularly when they leave the exam room.  Students are not permitted to talk during an examination or as they exit the room.