At EXCEL FLIGHT TRAINING INCORPORATED , our mission is to deliver innovative, high-quality, advanced learning and flight training opportunities in Alberta to:

meet the diverse needs of aviation students for advanced flight training and meet the needs of business and organizations in the competitive aviation environments

assist aviation students in the development of attitudes and personal skills; the mental framework necessary for success in the aviation industry.


EXCEL FLIGHT TRAINING INCORPORATED is located at the Lethbridge County Airport, Alberta. The Lethbridge airport is a short 5 minute drive south of Lethbridge, Alberta. This airport offers the following:

  • Flight Service Station (FSS)
    • Uncontrolled ATC environment means less waiting and more flying
    • Flight planning and weather briefing facilities
    • Variety of instrument approach aids for instrument flight training
    • Controlled, radar environment for “big city airport training practice” a short flight north of Lethbridge
    • Within 20 minute transit for mountain flight training
    There are a wide variety of housing options for out of town students. Excel Flight Training Incorporated will assist those students requiring assistance in locating suitable accommodations. Assistance will be provided in cooperation with a property management company.
    EXCEL FLIGHT TRAINING INC’s flight school is licensed as a PRIVATE VOCATIONAL SCHOOL under the Alberta Private Vocational Schools Act. All ground school instruction is Transport Canada approved and is conducted with a proven curriculum. In addition to our full time programs, ground school is conducted on an as needed basis during evening classes.
    Our instructors have the necessary experience to provide competent flight and ground instruction. A combination of standardised programs, and comprehensive pre and post flight briefings, individual attention and a variety of instructional techniques are utilised to maximize the training experience.