Academic Policies


To reap the full benefit of their courses, students are strongly encouraged to attend all classes and flight lessons.  Aviation training is very demanding and students who have a job in addition to attending Aviation training are advised to consider taking a reduced course load.

Instructors take attendance into account when assessing student performance.  Students sponsored by such agencies as Canada Employment Centre and Student Finance Board are required to attend all classes and flight lessons.

Students unable to give 24 hours notice of being unable to make a flight lesson will be assessed a “NO SHOW” fee of $55 per lesson missed.  This fee may be waived by the Chief Flight Instructor under extenuating circumstances.

All Groundschool classes must be attended by all students in order to obtain a letter of recommendation for the final written examination.  Students that have missed a class must notify the instructor, and get the required material to make up the class.


Any interference on the part of a student with the personal liberty of another or any conduct that subjects another person to any indignity or personal violence is forbidden.  This includes harassment, sexual harassment, initiation ceremonies or any activity involving physical violence, hazing, personal indignity, or the destruction of personal or institutional property.  EXCEL FLIGHT TRAINING INC is not responsible for any accident, illness, or destruction of any kind resulting from such unauthorized activities.


The possession or consumption of alcohol, illegal drugs and/or firearms is prohibited on EXCEL FLIGHT TRAINING INC property.


In the case of dishonesty or any serious behavior problem in the classroom, EXCEL FLIGHT TRAINING INC instructors have the authority of suspension from the classroom and the student may be eligible to be dismissed from EXCEL FLIGHT TRAINING INC.


In an effort to promote the physical health as well as the intellectual well being of its constituent members, EXCEL FLIGHT TRAINING INC’s facilities are smoke free.  This policy applies to all students, faculty, support staff and administration.


EXCEL FLIGHT TRAINING INC has adopted a Severe Infectious Diseases guideline.  It is intended to protect the rights and clarify the responsibilities of staff and students living with severe infectious illness, while at the same time protecting the health, safety and well being of all members of EXCEL FLIGHT TRAINING INC.


EXCEL FLIGHT TRAINING INC students are expected to conduct themselves honorably and maturely.  Unsatisfactory behavior and academic dishonesty such as plagiarism, lying, cheating by copying or bringing written answers into the examination room, or stealing examinations and altering grades, will result in disciplinary action or dismissal.


Discrimination and harassment violate fundamental rights, personal dignity and personal integrity.  EXCEL FLIGHT TRAINING INC is committed to a healthy, harassment-free environment and will not tolerate discrimination or harassment of its employees and students.  If you have a complaint as a result of sexual harassment, contact EXCEL FLIGHT TRAINING INC to discuss your situation in confidence.


EXCEL FLIGHT TRAINING INC expects its students to exercise responsible social conduct that reflects favorably on themselves and EXCEL FLIGHT TRAINING INC.  This requires conduct that is consistent with the laws and the generally accepted morals and manners of our community and society.  Students must adhere to all pertinent Human Rights legislation.  Should a student fail to live up to these expectations, EXCEL FLIGHT TRAINING INC reserves the right to take such action as the case warrants up to and including dismissal.  Students may be dismissed for dishonesty, including academic dishonesty, and unsatisfactory behavior.


Student records are maintained in a secured filing cabinet, inside a secured office, and safeguards are in place for access to this information. If students require access to their records, please see the registrar.


To the extent that is reasonably possible, the complaint, the names of the relevant parties and witnesses will be kept confidential. On a case-by-case-basis, the appointment of an investigator whose duties will include the investigation of complaints and recommend appropriate action, will be designated by Excel Flight Training Incorporated, and may be internal or external. All complaints and resolutions will be interpreted, administered and applied in conformity with the principles of natural justice. In particular:

  • All parties to a complaint will be advised of the provisions available to them
  • Any complainant must be prepared to be identified to the respondent
  • The complainant must be given the opportunity to present information and/or materials in support of the allegations in the complaint
  • The respondent must be given the opportunity to present information and/or materials in response to the allegations in the complaint
  • During the investigation process, a party may be accompanied by a support person. The individual accompanying the party shall not be connected to the complaint
  • A complainant may withdraw his/her complaint at any time
  • Either party to a complaint may object to the participation of a person in the administration of this policy on grounds of conflict of interest or reasonable apprehension of bias.

Following completion of the investigation, the investigator will report in writing, with recommendations for disposition of the complaint. A copy of the letter and associated recommendations will be provided to both the complainant and the respondent.