Commercial Pilot License

For those who seek aviation as a career, or wish to increase personal proficiency, the Commercial License creates that platform.

With this license a pilot is able to gain employment throughout the Canadian aviation community. THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF YOUR AVIATION CAREER!


Private Pilot License

Category 1 Aviation Medical

High School Diploma

Minimum Age of 18 Years


Flight lessons are scheduled to reflect the need of the individual student.

Ground school is scheduled consecutively two evenings per week.

Written exams are completed at the Transport Canada office in Calgary.

Flight exams scheduled and completed at Excel Flight Training Incorporated.

Course completion:

Students receive a Commercial License after completing 200 hours total flight time. This 200 hours includes the following.

– 100 hours Pilot in Command including 20 hours cross-country

– 35 hours dual instruction.

– Minimum 30 hours solo practice on flight test exercises.


Course cost as based on a students requiring all flight time including build-up time of approximately $30,865.00(See Note). All tuition is subject to 5% Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Note: If students do not need build up time the cost is approximately $15,775.00.

International Students:

This program is a Designated Learning Program and eligible to receive foreign nationals on a study permit.