Arrival and Orientation Services

There are some important first steps that you should take upon arriving at Excel Flight Training. We’ve outlined them below.

New Student Orientation

We will help ease the transition to flight training life by introducing you to support services, informing you about your rights and responsibilities, helping you navigate campus, and building connections with other students, faculty and staff at Excel Flight Training. You will experience an overabundance of welcome from all of us!

What to Expect from orientation

We know you probably have questions, don’t worry that is what orientation is all about. During your orientation you will learn about your program expectations, meet peers and Excel Flight Training staff, find your way around campus  and much more!


We will confirm that you have adequate medical coverage. We will also confirm that you hold the appropriate Transport Canada Aviation Medical Certificate for your course, or give you resources to go and obtain it as necessary.

Alberta Health Care Number

Apply for an Alberta Health Care Number and the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP). Visit a registry office to obtain AHCIP.

Textbooks and Supplies

We will ensure that you have all of your necessary textbooks and supplies for your flight training course.


We will ensure you have adequate transportation to and from the Lethbridge Airport. Bus Passes are available for purchase here.


We will familiarize you with the campus and locate your classrooms. We will also familiarize you with any online learning tools available for your course.

Bank Account

We will advise you to open a Canadian bank account.

Fees and Tuition

We will go over the fee and tuition schedule and policies for refunds.


Check to ensure that your primary immigration documents are accurate and valid. This includes your:

  • passport
  • study permit

Keep track of the expiration dates of all of your documents so you can plan to renew them and remain in Canada without interruption. In most cases, your Canadian immigration documents will not be issued past the expiry date of your passport.

If you extend your study permit (or transition from student status to worker status by applying for a post-graduation work permit), you will need to extend all other documents after you receive your new permit.

For information and support regarding your study permit or other immigration-related inquires, please contact one of our international advisors or visit IRCC.